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When a storm threatens the city of New York, two strangers with very little in common – a Spanish documentary director and an app programmer – end up sharing a shelter, questioning their respective definitions of happiness, love, and life.
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MARCOS David Moragas  ALAN Jacob Perkins  TRISTAN Jordan Geiger  SERGI Marc Di Francesco  CLARA Elena Martín

Direction: David Moragas

Screenplay: David Moragas

Production: Antonio Chavarrías, Mónica Lozano and David Moragas

Co-production: Rosa Fuste

Executive production: Antonio Chavarrias

Associated production: Àngels Masclans and Alba Bosch Duran

Production manager: Marta Cruañas

Production design: Juliana Barreto

Assistant director: Augustus Heagerty

Editing: Bernat Aragonés

Sound design: Carlos Jimenez

Sound: Amrita Snigh

Cinematography: Alfonso Herrera-Salcedo

Soundtrack: Angel Perez

A production by OBERON MEDIA and AMC with the support of FILMIN.


2020 | Feature Film

Written and directed by David Moragas.

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