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Enric Miralles is considered an essential figure in contemporary architecture. The documentary aims to portray the man and his complexity. A narrative constructed through variations using his architectures. 
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Voice-over Pep Ambrós

Direction: Maria Mauti 

Cinematography: Ciro Frank Schiappa 

Editing: Núria Esquerra 

Editing consultant: Cristóbal Fernández 

Composition: Anahit Simonian 

Sound design: Eva Valiño 

Sound: Eva Valiño, Bernat Fortiana, Leo Dogan and Lucía Herrera 

Mixing: Alejandro Castillo 

VFX: Alejandra Lenis and Laura Pedemonte 

Production direction: Maria Riera 

Executive production: Alba Bosch Duran 

Production: Antonio Chavarrías 

Screenplay: Sara Mesa and Maria Mauti 

A production by OBERON MEDIA. In co-production with MONSTRO FILMS. In associated co-production with FILMMAUTI. With the support of 3CAT, COAC, and the DEPARTAMENT DE CULTURA DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA. With the funding of ICAA and ICEC. With international sales by FEELSALES and distribution by FILMIN


In postproduction | Feature-length documentary

Directed by Maria Mauti.

Movie pending release
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