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In a dark and violent era, a 17-year-old girl is appointed abbess and tasked with repopulating and Christianizing frontier territories at war with Islam.

Where to watch:

March 22 in theaters

EMMA Daniela Brown  ELOISA Blanca Romero  CLARA Berta Sánchez  CONDE BORRELL Carlos Cuevas  EDUARD Ernest Villegas  ODÓN Oriol Genís  OBISPO GOTMAR Joaquin Notario

Screenplay and direction: Antonio Chavarrias

Production: Antonio Chavarrías, Jose María Morales, Miguel Morales, Mónica Lozano

Co-production: Hubert Toint, Alex Verbaere, David Claikens, Samuel Feller

Executive production: Mónica Lozano, Alba Bosch Duran, Flavia Biurrun, Jennifer Ritter

Delegate Producer: José María Morales 

Cinematography: Julian Elizalde

Assistant director: Falele Ygueravide

Production director: Anna Boneta

Art direction:  Irene Montcada

Editing: Clara Martínez Malagelada

Music: Ivan Georgiev

Casting: Irene Roqué, Carla Bisart I Sara Bisart (Lleida), Elena Gómez Zarzuca (Huesca), Doriane Flamand (Belgium)

Sound: Elsa Ruhlmann

Sound editing: Corinne Dubien

Mixing: Emmanuel De Boissieu

Costume design: Catherine Marchand and Pau Aulí 

Makeup and hairstyling: Ana Bruned and José Luis Blasco 

Special effects: Natasha Brohan

A production by OBERON MEDIA, WANDA VISION, and ICONO 2020 A.I.E. In co-production with SAGA FILM (Belgium) and with the support of BNP PARIBAS FORTIS FILM FINANCE, MAGELLAN FILMS. With the participation of RADIO TELEVISIÓN ESPAÑOLA, 3CAT, TELEVISIÓN DE ARAGÓN, and FILMIN. Financed by ICAA and ICEC, ICO. With the participation of TRIODOS BANK and WALLIMAGE. With international sales by FILM CONSTELLATION and national distribution by WANDA VISIÓN.


March 22 in theaters | Fiction feature film

Written and directed by Antonio Chavarrías

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