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Using family archival material, the director reconstructs the harrowing journey of an ailing father, with whom she can now only connect through memories.
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GIRL  Lara Medina Lasheras and Adriana Medina Lasheras

Screenplay and direction: Alicia Moncholí

Production: Alejandra Mora and Antonio Chavarrías

Executive production: Alba Bosch Duran and Alejandra Mora

Cinematography: Joel Jimenez

Composer: Marina Alcantud

Production director: Eva Garcia Godes

Assistant director: Jaume Quiles

Art direction and costume design: Lucia de Lope

Editing: Nila Nunez

Sound design: Oriol Donat i Martos

A production by QUATRE FILMS and OBERON MEDIA. With the support of the Valencian Institute of Culture (IVC). Financed by the Government of Spain (ICAA). With the participation of À Punt. International sales by MORETHAN.


2024 | Short Film - Hybrid Fiction-Documentary

Written and directed by Alícia Moncholí.

Movie pending release
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